July 10, 2013

The investment has been made. And the ideal equipment has been chosen. Companies in the process of planning their industry events must now plan for building attendance numbers in order to achieve that elusive return on their investment in their architecture. Within this blog, we’ll offer two tips to help drive audience engagement and build a long-term following for the organization.

1)      Communicate Across Social Media

Twitter’s Vine and Instagram’s Video tool are giving corporations the opportunity to provide short insights into their business to the audience in their area. By utilizing such new video marketing solutions, companies can promote their trade show events across a diverse client-base. Simply putting together a small video product that invites guests to their display stands can ensure that brands are effective with their latest campaigns.

2)      Add On-Site or In-Store Event Marketing

Most visitors to trade show displays will have heard through the event at a company location in their area. This form of traditional marketing enables firms to connect with those who already know and trust their brand. On-site marketing via a news feed or similar online tab provides companies with the ability to give all site visitors the opportunity to participate in the event. The key for success with this style of event promotion is to build an incentive. Find out what customers are searching for and then offer discounts and other incentives for popular products and services to those who attend the event.

Event marketing doesn’t have to be complex. It’s all about marketing reach. Ensure your company achieves success with its promotional campaigns by utilizing the previous outlined tips for event audience engagement.