October 18, 2013

Pop-up display products act as the ideal backdrop to a trade show display. But many firms struggle with how to utilize pop-up displays effectively, thereby limiting the value of their investment. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two of the methods today’s business leaders are utilizing in order to capitalize on their expenditure on pop-up displays.

1) Utilize Pop Up Displays for Short-Distance Business Presentations

One of the advantages of traditional pop-up displays is that they’re exceptionally sturdy and durable. This means that companies can travel with their pop-up displays to various venues, including sales offices and event arenas. Many companies utilize pop-up displays when presenting their products to sales teams. With the requisite stylish branding and high-quality graphics, they can add that “wow” factor to presentations that ensure audience members remember both the company and their products in the long term.

2) Move the Display During Events to Ensure Full Audience Engagement

Companies that have purchased a pop-up display can ensure lasting value for their investment by moving the system during an event. Sometimes company representatives notice that groups of people are congregating in a certain area during business conferences and tradeshows. Due to the lightweight construction of the pop-up display, the system can easily be moved to an area in which there is more foot traffic.

Stylish and lightweight, pop-up displays are considered the ideal portable display system for today’s progressive firms.  Ensure that your organization is capitalizing on its investment by utilizing these flexible systems to meet a broad range of promotional needs.