February 25, 2013

Audiences at trade show events will be walking around the event venue searching for trade show booths that appeal to them visually. This presents an opportunity for companies to utilize the latest graphic design techniques in order to enhance the visual appeal of their promotional material. So within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips for how businesses can optimize the visual strength of their trade show booth design to ensure resounding event success.

1)      Graphic Sizing Plays an Important Role

In large venues where audience members might be a great distance away from displays, businesses must utilize large-scale graphics that are easily readable. Another important sizing element to consider is the various sizes of the branding information on displays. Companies must place important details such as product/service title and promotional tagline as close to the center of their display materials as possible. This will ensure that as many members of the trade show audience see the display as possible.

2)      Make Use of White Space

White space is an under-used yet effective tool for companies using trade show displays. By ensuring that white space surrounds the most important information on the displays, designers can help to highlight specific elements to the audience. While it might be tempting to add as much information as possible on a display, the effective use of white space is often the key to generating a positive audience response.

The best trade show booths seamlessly blend company branding and best-in-class design techniques. By following the preceding two tips, companies can achieve great success with future events. The key is in understanding the effects specific design styles have on audience perception.