April 25, 2013

Pop-up displays are now used by many industry-leading brands to capture the attention of audiences at business events. This style of the display works as a backdrop to an entire trade show area and therefore those that are using this style of the product must ensure that each design element is optimized to help support campaign success. With that in mind, this blog will focus on two keys to designing pop-up displays:

1) Keep Graphics Simple, Yet Bold

Many marketing professionals become too focused on optimizing their copy to review how that copy looks when put into print. This can lead to poorly designed displays that are difficult to read. While top-level organizations must use simple fonts as part of their pop-up displays, it’s also important to stay ahead of the crowd with innovative designs that represent a step beyond the expected standard. Offering bold, crisp graphics is often the ideal way to bring attention to a brand within a congested trade show space.

2) Always Place Contact Information At the Top of Displays

There is one simple target for most organizations attending industry events – to capture customer leads. Therefore, companies should always ensure that their contact information forms the primary element of their trade show designs. By combining the best practices of product promotion and lead generation, organizations can achieve exceptional results with pop-up display marketing.

There are many unique ways in which pop-up displays can add value to a trade show marketing campaign. To learn which style best fits your company’s operational demands, contact a local area trade show specialist to ensure best-in-class campaign results.