January 7, 2014

The design of trade show booths is the singular most important element in a tradeshow marketing campaign. That initial aesthetic view of the booth is the factor that can separate a company from its competitors at the venue. Therefore, it’s important for organizations to closely review the design characteristics of their display to ensure it resonates with the particular audience for their event. For those with business-to-business events on their future calendar, the following two additions can help form the foundation to success.

1)      High Resolution Printing

The quality of the printing used in any trade show display design is critical. Even the most creative displays can fall short if the materials used to highlight them are lacking in quality. And so firms that are intent on making that lasting impression must make an investment in high resolution printing solutions. Companies can consolidate expenditure in this element by working with the same company on both their display and their design work. This ensures that an-all-one price can be given that reflects true value.

2)      Cartridge Banner Stands

For those looking to swap graphics in and out on the fly, the cartridge banner stand is the ideal addition to their trade show booths. Companies can seamlessly change the angle of their campaigns during the event by investing in high quality cartridge banner stands. It’s an addition that could help deliver outside investment in a broad range of company initiatives when delivered expertly at business to business events.

Professional design work drives lasting results for promotional campaigns. Companies can ensure long-term promotional success by adding these two previously outlined elements to their displays.