April 3, 2014

Event success depends upon effective event preparation. Companies must work with all stakeholders during the build-up to event day in order to ensure that everyone is prepared and committed to event success. But for those just about to start designing their first trade show booths, the preparation process can be mysterious and difficult to navigate. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two steps for optimal preparation.

Decide on Event Budgets Months in Advance

Planning for events must begin on a platform of concise budgeting. Companies must know precisely the amount of money they have to spend on their trade show booths if they are to succeed in making prudent financial choices. The decision on the event budget must be made while considering all factors, such as potential transportation cost of trade show booths and at-event expenditures such as food and accommodations for employees.

Connect with Customers for Feedback

Customers are an outstanding market research resource when planning a trade show event. Companies should send emails to their customers to ask them what they would most like from an event display. They should also ask customers what incentives they could give them in order to ensure they attend the event. This will help both ensure the trade show booth meets customer needs and that the event is well-attended.

Success in trade show marketing requires organization. Commit to working with in-house teams and outside customers to ensure that all elements of the trade show booth are on-track for a rewarding company event.