September 18, 2013

Understanding the trade show marketplace will enable organizations to drive forward with their marketing plans. But for the business owner with many unique company areas to run, marketing can sometimes fall on the backburner behind other elements of their operation. Within this blog, we’ll help Toronto companies put the focus their trade show displays by highlighting the importance of the trade show event on the company calendar.

1)      83% of Trade Show Attendees Have Company Buying Power

Companies rarely send unqualified personnel to trade show event. The large majority are there to review the competition and speak to attendee reps about their firm’s innovations. This means that Toronto companies must ensure their trade show displays are designed to impress a professional audience. Those that are in attendance could be at the show to make a decision on a future product or service purchase. This means that the trade show event becomes the ideal environment to perfect a sales pitch. Only top quality architecture will ensure success

2)      Trade Show Cost 38% Less than Sales Calls

When considering the cost of traveling to independent clients’ offices and meeting with their team members in order to sell a product, trade shows cost 38% less in terms of expenditure. This means that organizations are actively saving money when they channel more of their resources toward event marketing rather than outbound sales calls. The trade show event is now a critical resource for the company looking to save their promotional dollars as we move forward into 2014.

Researching the trade show industry will outline the industry’s importance. Saving marketing costs and improving campaign results is as simple as focusing on the performance of the organization at its next trade show event.