For companies that are just making their first inroads within their particular field, the goal at the beginning is to attend as many events as possible and meet with various types of clientele to generate leads that will potentially lead to fruitful business transactions at a later date. With that in mind, it’s imperative to have portable trade show displays that will allow the organization the flexibility to travel across the country to key events. Within this post, we’ll focus on why many are now choosing portable trade show displays over larger items.

1) Set Up is Easy and Quick

One of the main problems with some of the more elaborate trade show display designs is that they can be extremely complex to put together and take part in; often requiring expert help. Portable displays can be assembled and dismantled in minutes by company representatives, providing more time for interaction with tradeshow attendees and thus allowing the organization to capitalize on their attendance at the show.

2) They Can be Cost-Effectively Stored and Shipped

With their lightweight construction and uniform packaging, portable trade show displays are far more inexpensive to ship with the leading carriers than heavier display systems. The savings made on shipping a lightweight display over a bulkier system are often enough to cover the cost of attending the event alone! This means that any revenue made in term of event sales are pure profit for the company.

By choosing from the industry’s leading portable trade show displays, you can help your company to build the foundation for a highly profitable promotional campaign. Contact our product experts today to discover an array of portable display options designed to meet your business’s every need.