In business, smaller organizations and their owners must continually monitor what the larger companies are doing in order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.  Management at growing companies tasked with selecting a style of trade show display for an upcoming industry event will find that one of the latest trends has seen big companies integrate pop-up displays within their event architecture. There are many unique reasons for this latest display shift. With this article, we’ll focus on two of those reasons with the goal of helping growing companies make the right choice for their event objectives.

1) They’re Lightweight and Portable

Big companies understand the need for equipment that is functional. This is one of the more prominent reasons for utilizing pop-up displays. These types of units are often the most lightweight available. This makes them easier and more affordable to transport and ensures that companies can reduce the amount of setup and dismantling work at the event.

2) They Drive Foot Traffic to Specific Display Areas

Pop-up displays, perhaps more than any other type of display architecture available on the market, can be utilized to direct audience members at an event. They are ideal for display areas hosting special events as they are often immediately at eye level. Companies utilizing pop-up displays for this purpose must connect directly with specialist graphic designers to ensure the optimal effect.

Pop-up displays are the ideal display solution to ensure a clear ROI at industry events. Make sure your organization is utilizing these high-value tools optimally by contacting a local area professional and speaking with them about the various pop-up display models currently on the market.