January 21, 2014

The BluePrint display has quickly become one of the most popular models of trade show display on the marketplace in recent years. It’s a ubiquitous presence across business events around North America. But how did this trend begin? And what are the reasons behind so many companies now making this high performance solution a key element in their marketing campaigns? Within this post, we’ll look at two reasons companies are now using the blueprint trade show displays.

1)      Easy-to-Setup

Despite being a complex display, BluePrint trade show displays are exceptionally easy to setup. Tradeshow attendees simply need to twist the modular pieces of the display together to create the ideal shape for their event. In addition, they don’t require any complex tools to setup or dismantle. This means that organizations can save time and save on expert training when they integrate these systems as part of their marketing campaigns.

2)      Lightweight Portability

Shipping costs are one of the largest areas of expenditure for companies working with the latest displays for their marketing campaigns. Oftentimes, newer firms don’t consider the large cost of heavy items during shipping. Fortunately, growing firms can avoid this issue when they choose the blueprint tradeshow displays because these products have been created using lightweight material that can be transported cost-effectively from venue-to-venue.

By harnessing blueprint displays during their trade show events, small firms can begin to compete with their larger counterparts. Speak with a local equipment specialist in your region about the display options available to your organization.