December 19, 2013

Today’s corporate leader must consolidate expenditure in order to help their firm balance their budget and compete effectively within their marketplace. But one of the challenges faced by many small businesses is that, sometimes, the most cost-effective promotional tools are not the most effective in terms of their long-term campaign strategies. Oftentimes it’s better for firms to stretch their initial projected budget for an event in order to ensure the right result for the company. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two reasons cheap banner stands end up costing companies more as the months pass on.

1)      Maintenance and Replacement Costs

There are many companies across North America willing to sell a cost-effective banner stand that will help a company stand out at any event in the coming weeks. But many find that those seemingly great deals can be affected by poor banner manufacturing and parts that wear quickly over time. Maintenance costs can stretch into the thousands of dollars for firms that choose for the unproven cheaper stand option.

2)      Limited Aesthetics

Brands must capitalize on their appearance at tradeshow events if they are to develop their organization. Cheaper banner stands tend to be made from products that tend to be less flexible. This means that, when companies wish to enhance their banner stands, they have limited options in terms of improvement. Choosing slightly costlier products can help companies maintain continual brand progress.

All small businesses must manage costs successfully to survive in the few 2-3 years of operations. But limiting spending on promotional products can have a detrimental effect on brand success over time. Talk to a professional about your company’s requirements, and you’ll see the quality of solutions quickly improve at the mid-to-higher end of the marketplace.