October 1, 2013

Consolidating expenditure remains a prerogative for every organization, no matter its size. But this is an especially important priority for firms who are just making headway within their industry. These firms must utilize cost-effective elements such as portable displays if they are to work within their budgetary constraints while driving their brand forward in their promotional campaigns. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two of the reasons that portable displays are the ideal solution for growing firms.

1)      Reduced Drayage Fees

Drayage fees are imposed upon companies by event venues when the venue has to store their display for specific period of time before the event takes place. Depending on the timing, these fees can sometimes rise into the hundreds of dollars. And so companies must utilize portable displays that their in-house team members can transport to the venue, in order to reduce the overall cost of their campaigns.

2)      Speed and Efficiency of Setup and Dismantling

By purchasing portable displays, companies can save their representatives time at the event in terms of setup costs. Company managers don’t want their team spending more time on their architecture than speaking with leads. Therefore they should utilize portable displays that can be setup in mere minutes by on-site staff. The benefit of such systems is that they can also be dismantled quickly, which means that the company’s sales reps will have more time than their tradeshow counterparts to speak with all attendees.

Choosing portable architecture is instrumental to the success of the small business at tradeshow events. Efficient and cost-effective to use, these solutions are the foundation on which all future-focused promotional campaigns are built.