March 11, 2014

Business events are often well-attended by professionals hoping to gain interest in their organization and learn about the latest developments within their marketplace. But one of the many difficulties faced by those representing companies at trade show displays is that they aren’t always able to respond adroitly in the moment to the questions audiences ask. This means management teams must prepare their specialists for such questions and provide them with the answers that will ensure seamless lead acquisition. In this blog, we’ll highlight two common questions to prepare for.

1)      How Long Has Your Organization Been In Business?

This is often a question asked by higher-ups within the management structure at business events and it’s a question that promotes the responder to give a detailed account of the company, its history and its success to-date.  Companies should have their trade show displays reps practice answers on the history of the organization and some of its latest success in order to ensure attendees understand the professionalism of the organization.

2)      What is the Company’s Most Recent Success?

Professionals will often want to know about the firm’s most recent venture and how that venture can help them personally, or their business to succeed. The answer to this question should be based on comprehensive knowledge on the company’s most recent innovations as well as the way those innovations can help trade show attendees succeed.

Effective planning can help organizations to respond to the many enquiries they’ll receive at trade show events. Company reps must understand their role in the success of the trade show campaigns, and work with one another to ensure effective communication with potential leads on event day.