March 20, 2014

Companies must carefully select their trade show exhibit design in order to ensure they have the requisite understanding of their campaign objectives. Only firms with many years of experience can truly be trusted to deliver assured results. But how can growing companies differentiate between the available service providers within the trade show marketplace? In this blog, we’ll outline two questions to ask your prospective trade show designer to ensure they’re right for the campaign.

1)      Do You Have Examples of Recent Success?

Companies will often be delighted to show examples of their recent success in the trade show marketplace. Clients should first ask the organization what previous clients of theirs required in terms of objectives, and then they should find out how the company worked to meet those objectives. If possible, business owners should find out if the company can provide them with contact information for previous clients for a more thorough review process.

2)      Can You Work Within Our Timeframe?

Timing is everything in business. Having access to the services of a company that will deliver campaign tools within a consolidated timeframe could prove instrumental. And so business owners must speak with their chose trade show exhibit designer to find out they plan to fit within the company’s time-scale in terms of the finalized service.

Building an understanding with and on a company can help drive forward strong business relationships. Trade show marketers must ensure that they begin their search for a design specialist by asking the preceding questions and gaining full disclosure on the firm’s service offering.