October 7, 2014

The design process is a critical element in achieving effective trade show displays. From the very first concept to the final print, the process must be managed by a company with superior design staff. The foundation to the process is the communication between trade show management team leaders and those completing custom trade show design renderings. Here, we’ll outline two important questions to ask the designer before beginning the custom design rendering process.

1. How Long is the Process is Expected to Take?

In the business world, few leaders have a great deal of time to spend going back and forth on a trade show display design. It’s important that the company chosen has the expertise and online resources to handle the project according to a specific schedule. Company leaders should ensure the design specialist understands the schedule and can guarantee that the design will be completed according to the set time-frame. Design teams will usually be happy to outline the various stages and their time-to-completion.

2. Will My Business be Notified Before Printing Begins?

It’s imperative, as a business owner, to have final approval on all printed materials. The leading design firms employ fail-safes to ensure that all custom design renderings are completed with their clients’ final approval. But having this question answered in writing or via an oral agreement will help prevent miscommunication further down the line.

Expert design work requires a concerted effort from both a business’s team and their design partners to ensure an exceptional final result. Maintain close connections with your chosen design team and make sure that all confusion is resolved immediately to protect the investment in design expertise.