January 8, 2013

Pop-up displays have been chosen by many companies for high-value advertising that delivers results in terms of long-term recognition for the organization. But many business owners still don’t have a grasp on how to select the ideal architecture for the company. And with that in mind, in this post, we’ll focus on two questions that companies must ask before selecting the ideal event pop-up displays.

1) How Often Will the Display Be Used?

There is a comprehensive range of styles when it comes to pop-up displays. For those that are going to be utilizing the product on a frequent basis, it’s imperative to select a system that has been built using high-quality materials. Frequent display users should select metal-framed pop-up displays that offer superior durability over the long term. If these pop-up displays are to be used across the country and must therefore be transported, it’s especially important that they’re produced to the optimal level of durability.

2) Is the Product Versatile?

For those who require a pop-up display unit for a series of events within the same industry, it’s important to find a solution that is flexible and can be altered to suit the evolving requirements of the organization. Speaking with industry insiders is the ideal way to find a suitable modular pop-up display that can be added to over time.

Pop-up displays are highly popular due to their affordability. But only by finding the ideal pop-up display can individual companies gain a return on their investment. Speak with a local trade show display specialist in your region to discover the options available to your business.