April 2, 2014

With the advances being made in the event marketing industry in recent years, there are many options for business owners to choose from in selecting their overall booth display system. One of the challenges that owners have in designing their booth is analyzing which display products are well suited to their requirements and which are best left to others. In this blog, we’ll review two questions that a company must ask before selecting a booth display product.

1) What is the ROI?

Return on investment is crucial within any procurement process. Will the asset deliver a return commensurate with its cost? That’s the question many business leaders ask. In determining the value of a booth display option, company owners should review whether the product is designed for long-term durability or one-time use. They should also ask whether the product is going to have a lasting benefit on their branding appeal. For example, touch-screen displays might not be durable, but they could improve a company’s brand reputation when used optimally at an event.

2) Are There Other Procurement Options?

Before buying any product, it’s important for trade show marketers to see whether this is a product that can be rented from a trade show specialist in the region. Oftentimes, companies can save tens of thousands of dollars by simply renting a display system product instead of buying one.

A cautious, strategic approach is required in order for company owners to achieve their ideal response to trade show marketing campaigns. By reviewing the preceding questions and communicating with stakeholders at the company, owners can find products that seamlessly align with their campaign objectives.