September 2, 2014

When attending a local business event, company leaders gain the opportunity to speak with clients and potential clients about the industry and potential future innovations that might be released. As part of this event marketing process, it’s important that leaders understand the industry inherently and maintain a tight focus on their company and its objectives for the future. For this reason, leaders should know the questions they’ll be faced with during the event. And so in this blog, we’ll highlighting two common questions audience members ask during a meeting at the company’s booth display.

1. How Does Your Latest Product/Service Work?

Trade show audiences are continuously searching for the latest innovation in the marketplace. This means that, when they get the opportunity, they will ask exhibitors questions about their products and services. So it’s important for the exhibitor to know everything about their products in order to highlight their authority in the market. Business leaders should train their staff to ensure they can answer any possible questions related to their current product line.

2. Why Should I Choose Your Company and Not the Other?

In business, there are always companies that have a direct rivalry. This is inherent in any commercial venture. And so company exhibitors at business events must know how their organization compares with others in the marketplace. It’s also important to note how the company improves on the competitor’s products and thrives where the competitor has weaknesses.

Successful communication with interested audience members at a trade show booth display can form the foundation to lasting business ties. That’s why it’s imperative that all representatives of the company have the answers ready, even before the questions have been asked.