October 28, 2013

The lead-up to big business events is often just as, or even more important, than the activities that take place during the event itself. Companies succeed and fail within their event planning department. And so in addition to reviewing their at-event procedures to ensure everything is on-point and ready for the big day, it’s imperative that companies conduct pre-event marketing that captures the eye and inspires action from its intended audience at the firm’s exhibit display. Within this blog, we’ll go over two professional pre-event marketing processes.

1) Drive Interest in the Brand’s Campaign with Viral Marketing

Small companies often don’t have the budget of their larger counterparts. This means that they’re often unable to compete with production quality and the comprehensiveness of their competitors’ branding campaigns. Therefore creativity is an essential component of all pre-event marketing. Small firms should consider utilizing social media channels as part of a full viral marketing strategy. Creating YouTube videos to drive brand awareness can often lead to long-term rewards come event time.

2) Contact Industry Celebrities for Special Guest Appearances

Special guests are powerful tools companies can utilize to draw crowds to their exhibit display. But often the most successful professionals are exceptionally busy. Companies must contact potential trade show guests months in advance of the event to ensure they book that noted celebrity who can give full at-event credibility to their brand.

Event marketing must begin the moment the company’s place at the event is booked. Consider both viral marketing and celebrity guests to ensure your organization is long remembered for its marketing innovation.