February 5, 2013

The trade show event has been completed and your work at the trade show booth is now in the past. The question is:  Is your organization able to capitalize on its at-event work during the post-event phase of promotional campaigns? Within this post, we’ll examine two keys areas for successful post-event promotional work with the objective of helping business leaders drive home their success at trade show events by capitalizing on leads gained.

1)      Immediate Lead Contact

Once the event has been completed and all trade show booth architecture has been put away, it might be tempting to immediately begin relaxing after a job well done. But companies must execute on their lead generation work immediately after the event in order to ensure they take full advantage of their trade show success. Contact leads within the 48-hours after the event to check in and mention how great it was to meet them at the event. At this point, companies can then begin negotiating further potential partnerships or business relationships.

2)      Create Reports Detailing Event Successes and Failures

During the post event phase, companies must take stock of their trade show objectives. Were those objectives achieved or missed? By following through with a full post-event report and speaking directly with those in attendance, company leaders can optimize their event performance for future tradeshows. The key to success in the long-term is ironing out faults within event performance to improve ROI with each event.

Companies must take advantage of their trade show performance on an on-going basis. Begin the review phase immediately upon event completion and greater success will come with time.