January 3, 2013

Planning is the key element in any business event. Taking the time to learn about the event and the event audience will put your organization in the ideal position to capture the limelight at their trade show displays when the event begins. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two other specific tasks to take on during the planning stages of a trade show.

1)      Creating Trade Show Handouts

Few people in the audience at trade show events are going to know an in-depth history of your organization. And during the event reps will only have a short period of time to speak with each visitor at their trade show displays. That’s why it’s imperative to design trade show handouts that explain the advantages of working with the company in using its products or services. By setting the right tone with at-event literature, companies can ensure that their brand achieves greater recognition at future industry events.

2)      Use Social Media to Announce Attendance

Modern organizations must capitalize on the use of social media if they are to fully realize their business potential. One of the great uses for social media is announcing when the company is going to be hosting events or attending tradeshows. Within this announcement, it’s important to entice visitors to join the event, so business owners must offer additional incentives such as an expert speaker or a prize draw in order to engage the potential audience.

By promoting the trade show before the event, companies can gain the upper hand in driving audience participation on the big day. Make sure audiences are given all the information they require to encourage their attendance and see why the largest companies make planning one of the keys of their entire trade show event strategy.