June 5, 2013

Businesses are now spending thousands of dollars per year marketing their products to audiences across the country. But unless business leaders plan their trade show events carefully, they will not see a strong return on their investment. Within this blog post, we’ll look at two keys to achieving strong attendance at trade show booths.

1)      Promote  Event Weeks in Advance

Companies are now connected to their potential customers across broad spectrum of marketing mediums. Online marketing is an essential element within the brand promotion process. And so companies must capitalize on this medium when planning their future business events. This planning must comprise the use of all social media marketing tools. Companies may also wish to utilize email promotional campaigns to improve attendance at their trade show booths on the big day.

2)      Select Booth Reps Carefully

One area in which many companies lose focus within their trade show events is in selecting booth personnel. All company reps selected must be able to speak eloquently and strongly about the products and services being promoted. They must also have engaging personalities that provide attendees with an entertaining yet professional authority on the industry. It also should be noted that selecting the most experienced team member is likely to bring the best short-term results in terms of lead generation.

Begin planning trade show events well in advance. There are numerous planning elements that require focus in order to ensure the event is a success. Follow the preceding two tips to give your organization the best chance of gaining strong rewards for its commitment to trade show marketing.