July 31, 2013

The technology behind successful promotional campaigns is evolving at an increasingly rapid rate around the globe. This means that growing firms must be able to captivate trade show audiences utilizing the latest technology if they are to compete with their larger counterparts. And mobile solutions are currently one of the hottest trends within this marketing industry. With that in mind, here are two mobile marketing innovations companies can integrate within their trade show displays.

1)      Text-to-Win Competitions

One of the latest innovations in in-field mobile marketing is text-to-win competitions. Companies can organize games at their trade show events. And then have event attendees text their answers to an on-site company representative in order to win prizes. The best return-on-investment in such competitions can be achieved by utilizing company merchandise as prizes. For example, firms might offer discounts on service as part of their text-to-win competition.

2)      Utilizing QR codes Within Trade Show Displays

QR codes are a method for seamlessly presenting trade show audiences with branding information. Attendees can simply scan a QR code on a brochure or business card and be taken, via their smart phone, to a company website or new product page. This simply innovation has helped companies enhance their lead generation activities exponentially, and so firms must begin utilizing QR codes in order to enhance their trade show investment returns.

Engagement begins by working with audience members in environments where they are most comfortable. Integrate mobile solutions within your firm’s trade show marketing and you’ll quickly see an increased audience response.