October 24, 2013

Without optimal planning for their displays, trade show marketers will lose all the inherent value of a campaign designed around their events. This means that company attendees must have an in-depth understanding of how to utilize their display areas in order to convey professionalism and command respect. Within this post, we’ll go over a few of the common trade show mistakes that marketers make in not fully utilizing their booth display space.

1)      Creating Barriers

When setting up their trade show booth display, some companies put the display tables facing their potential audience members. While this type of display might be suitable in a classroom setting, it doesn’t fit the needs of the trade show marketer. Trade show event attendees must remove barriers between themselves and their audience. This means placing display tables and other barriers at an angle from passersby in order to ensure they can easily move toward audience members and audience members can, more easily, shake their hands. This ensures an inviting environment and supports open conversion.

2)      Employing the Wrong Trade Show Staff

The employees attending the trade show are the company’s representatives, highlighting the professionalism of the firm to every other attendee. The ideal choice of trade show rep would be someone who not only understands the company and its products but also understands the latest moves within the marketplace and can engage in a conversation about the future changes that might take place. Often, it’s ideal for the owner to go to such events. But if leaders cannot attend, knowledgeable, confident replacements must be found.

The mistakes made by other companies can help guide you toward future event success. Ensure your employees and your event booth display are prepared for the event, and you’ll see the results on your company’s annual balance sheets.