November 28, 2013

It’s common for growing companies to make mistakes when building their brand. But such mistakes, when made at public events such as trade shows, can have a lasting effect on the brand’s credibility. And so it’s imperative to research common issues beforehand and resolve those issues to prevent making the same mistakes as predecessors within the trade show marketplace. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two common mistakes organizations make when planning their trade show booths.

1)      Taking On Too Many Tasks

In most areas of business, experts will recommend that companies focus on their most impressive attribute. The same can be said of trade shows. Company objectives can become clouded by focusing on too many tasks at the trade show event. Firms should try to focus on one specific goal for their event. Whether that goal is lead generation, product marketing or brand promotion, the goal a company chooses should be its one main focus. This will help ensure that all team members are on the same page when it comes to meeting the objective, and help form a bond between at-event team members.

2)      Not Offering Visitors a Reason to Visit

Trade show attendees are simply looking for trade show booths that stand out from the crowd. It’s mostly down to aesthetics. But companies should always offer trade show attendees an incentive for visiting their booth. This incentive should be unique and have long-term value to ensure that the organization receives the booth visitor numbers it requires to achieve event success.

Planning for that big event is not an easy task. But companies can make it easier on their teams by becoming more focused on one core objective and incentivizing visits from attendees. It is how smaller firms have gone on to become role models within their marketplace.