October 15, 2013

We’ve all been in a new environment before where we’ve made a mistake. It happens to every new professional when starting their own business. But for those who are proactive enough to research the field, it’s important to know what NOT to do when attending industry marketing events. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two of the most common mistakes that new professionals make when designing their trade show booths.

1)      Don’t Overcrowd Trade Show Booths

Companies must ensure that their trade show designs are focused and well thought-out.  At the inception of their promotional campaigns, some growing companies tend to try and highlight as many of their products or services as possible. But this has the opposite effect and will cause the brand to quickly lose the interest of event audiences. Instead, they should plan three or four meetings in advance of the event to go over which products to utilize in their trade show booth designs. This will ensure tight-knit branding appeal and lasting recognition from those in attendance.

2)      Don’t Underspend on Design Aesthetics

The cost of professional trade show display design is often quite high. But the risks of choose an unprofessional designer for the displays are even higher. Firms must try to find ways in which to secure quality design work at the best available price. Speaking with local area trade show specialists can help to ensure low pricing. But decision-makers should ask to see examples of their designs before making a final choice.

There will be mistakes made at inaugural trade show events new companies attend. But by maintaining a tight promotional focus and utilizing high quality designers, companies can ensure the event is a resounding success.