January 17, 2014

Wise allocation of resources is critical to small companies when promoting their business during their inaugural trade show event. That’s why so many firms are now investing in inexpensive, yet professional marketing architecture such as pop-up displays. Durable and yet flexible, pop-up displays are considered the system of choice for forward-thinking firms across a range of industries. But firms must be careful when considering their spending options. In this post, we’ll focus on two specific methods Toronto companies can use to reduce the cost of pop-up displays.

1)      Buy High Durability Systems

Those with little experience in the tradeshow marketplace must first speak with experts about the options that are available. The most important factor in any display purchase is durability. The level of durability of a product will determine whether companies are able to use it for 10 shows or 100 shows. Businesses looking to maximize value must first determine which products are going to last for the long term. Reading user reviews online can also help determine product quality.

2)      Purchase Displays alongside Design Services

Many display manufacturers are also expert designers. This means that companies can often consolidate the expenditure of their entire tradeshow purchase by purchasing their pop-up displays from the company completing their design work. It’s a great way to get a low-cost all-in-one price on long-lasting promotional materials. Research companies online to find those expert designers that offer the latest materials on the marketplace.

It can be a challenging time for any small business. But promoting the organization at trade show events is one of the best ways to achieve brand recognition. Save money in the process by following the preceding advice.