August 15, 2013

Smaller organization face a number of challenges in capturing the attention of trade show audiences. Firstly, because they’re a smaller organization, they don’t have the brand name to attract visitors through recognition alone. Secondly, they don’t have the budget of the larger organizations. This means that their displays might not be as innovative or noticeable. Within this blog, we’ll analyze two unique methods Toronto companies can utilize within their trade show displays and promotional campaigns to overcome these challenges.

1)      Capture the Pre-Event Buzz with Social Media

One of the great equalizers of online marketing is that it doesn’t always cost a large amount to build a strong and effective campaign. Many companies have achieved strong results within their social media campaigns by simply analyzing what their key demographic is looking for online and then responding pre-event with a social media presence. By creating this connection several months before large events, companies can continually generate stronger leads than big companies who might be stuck within a traditional media promotion strategy.

2)      Add Unique Elements to Displays

While the larger companies might have the newer and more cutting-edge displays, Toronto trade show participants can still gain the edge on their competition by adopting unique marketing strategies at the event. One of the best ways to elicit a response from audience members is to invite a guest speaker who is either controversial or an industry star. The initial cost might be high, but the long-term benefit is far higher for this type of strategy.

Give your trade show campaigns a boost over larger industry rivals. Focus on the unique ways in which small businesses are better than big corporations and your firm can still achieve top trade show billing.