April 30, 2014

To inspire action on their customer’s behalf, businesses require the finest of design expertise guidance through their trade show campaigns. Here at Best Displays, we’re committed to helping our clients engage their customers within the contemporary tradeshow environment. Our success has been proven at event-after-event. And with that in mind, in this blog we’ll focus on two methods our company team harnesses to ensure quality booth designs for every business client.

1)      Immaculate Quality Control

As part of our design process, we implement a quality control protocol that ensures all stakeholders have complete oversight on the design project. In order to ensure that customers are satisfied with the final results of our work, we provide them with either PDFs or hard copies of their display design and then guide them through our design process to ensure they understand the work completed. It’s a process that combines seamless communication with a tireless commitment to the final result.

2)      Exceptional Materials

Without the ideal materials, even the booth designs will look unprofessional. We only use the highest quality products, such as 18ml and non-curl vinyl to ensure the highest display aesthetics for our clientele. Our materials also ensure that companies can achieve continual use of their displays in the long-term, therefore providing the return on investment that empowers brand success.

For brand leaders, second-class booth designs are unacceptable. At Best Displays, we’re a results driven business that focuses on the final product at every stage of our design process. Contact our specialists directly to begin the design of your company’s display.