November 25, 2013

It’s an investment that can have a lasting positive affect on the promotional success of growing companies. But one of the challenges start-ups face when purchasing trade show exhibits is that they don’t have the experience to ensure strong value for their expenditure. And so many companies risk losing thousands of dollars by not fully capitalizing on their display purchases. Within this blog, we’ll outline two methods today’s industry leaders are utilizing to achieve full ROI on the purchase of trade show exhibits.

1)      Setting Event Objectives

The industry leaders have attended many past business events. They understand that only those companies that set specific goals for their event are positioned to achieve long term success within the trade show marketplace. By setting organization-wide objectives for specific events, companies can ensure that their entire team is working as a unified group. This enables the company to utilize their displays effectively, alongside reps that have a clear understanding of their role at the event.

2)      Choosing the Right Event

Selecting the best event at which to utilize the display is one of the most prominent challenges facing growing companies. It’s imperative to review how an event has performed in recent years before deciding to travel across country and transporting displays. The best events for smaller firms are often medium sized trade shows in which companies at the same business development stage will be hosting booths. This will give the firm the best opportunity to utilize its display where it will be highly visible and not crowded out by larger brands.

Return on investment in trade show exhibits can take several months to achieve. But once companies realize the potential of their brand’s new purchase, they will soon see the value in that exhibit investment. Optimal planning is imperative for long-term success.