December 4, 2013

Many companies continually focus on online media to drive interest within their trade show attendance at an upcoming event. But one of the challenges they face is that the majority of people in their local marketplace are not reviewing one particular site or another. This means it can be difficult for small companies to harness online tools within their marketing campaigns. It also means that traditional media represents the best available option for companies trying to drum-up interest within the local market. In this blog, we’ll highlight two ways for promotion of trade show displays using traditional media.

1)      Write Editorials

Business owners are often subject matter experts within their marketplace. And for those who have a large following in the region, writing a newspaper or magazine editorial can help capture attention and focus readers on a future business event. Business owners can write directly to their newspaper with ideas for editorials. This is often the best way of becoming published by local papers.

2)      Advertise within Monthly Magazines

Many local areas have a monthly magazine that highlights events within the local region. Companies can utilize these publications to advertise their event through ad placement. In order to enhance the appeal of the advertisement, companies might consider including a cut-out discount offer on merchandise for event attendees who visit their trade show displays.

Success with local media strategies requires an understanding of traditional methods of connecting with a local population. By working with newspapers and magazines, companies can thrive in the offline marketing space.