August 13, 2013

Portable displays are now a highly popular tradeshow tool for growing businesses across North America. These solutions offer two main advantages to today’s exhibitor – as their name suggests, they are highly portable and budget friendly. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two ways in which companies can capitalize on these inherent advantages of using portable displays such as banner stand systems.

1)      Allocating Funds to Other Areas of the Show

Budgets are often the focus of many pre-tradeshow meetings. Companies must be able to work with cost-effective solutions that enable them to distribute funds across all requires marketing areas. By utilizing budget-friendly banner stands, organizations can add to other areas of their campaigns. For example, they might wish to add more resources to their online marketing. They could use the funds left over from their display purchase to hire specialist social media consultants who can help drive leads to the company using new media tools.

2)      Achieving More time with Potential Customers

The portability of the retractable banner stands means that setting up and dismantling displays is a breeze. This reduced amount of time during the pre and post-show phases provides companies with more time to actually communicate with trade show audiences.  The ease with which the displays can be put together and taken down truly adds a sense of seamless productivity to the entire event process.

Retractable banner stands are now on show at events across the country. Stand out from the other vendors by capitalizing on the inherent advantages these unique solutions deliver!