July 22, 2013

Flag banners have long been utilized by trade show advertisers as a means to convey a message to a trade show audience. Often, the message must be short and to the point in order to ensure effective promotional appeal. But few companies have mastered the art of a concise branding message. So within this blog, we’ll detail how trade show advertisers can use their flag banners to generate action on behalf of attendees.

1) Ask Questions about the Flag Banner Design Copy

We instinctively answer questions in our minds. Whether it’s a simple question on the subject of how many leads the business would like to achieve per day or a question on resolving workplace issues, questions lead to communication. Companies that use questions on their flag banners give their audience the opportunity to respond. A question followed by contact information is often a streamlined method for achieving responsive brand appeal.

2) Use a Deadline-based Copy Approach

Some customers may only act when they’re under pressure to make a decision. By restricting the terms of a special offer to a deadline, companies can improve their sales numbers immeasurably. Strong results can be achieved by using deadline-based copy on flag banners. Simply using text that reads “Special offer ending today!” could be enough to entice interested customers.

Flag banners are highly visible and therefore exceptionally memorable. Companies can use these qualities to their advantage, and drive home promotional success by making pointed, target-based flag banner copy a cornerstone of their campaigns.