March 11, 2013

Trade shows are often busy, loud and generally a difficult environment in which to stand out. But by adopting specific strategies, companies can capture the attention of onlookers at business events and ensure that their business remains in the spotlight throughout. Within this blog, we’ll focus on a couple of ways in which the modern company can drive traffic toward their trade show booths with great success.

1)      Optimal Planning

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever before to build trade show event success. Companies can ensure a strong audience response to their trade show booths by announcing their event via company newsletters and blogs. Another method many companies are now using is communicating directly with individual clients via social media such as Twitter and Facebook in order to ensure that interested parties are aware of the company’s event. Social media campaigning also allows companies to address client questions in the build-up to the event, therefore optimizing their marketing approach based on client feedback.

2)      Strong Visuals

Employing experts to design trade show booths can make all the difference come event time. Growing organizations must take great care to craft their branding image. Event branding might be their one opportunity to introduce the company to specific lucrative clientele. Getting branding right takes professional help and an eye for details. By spending the months preceding the event working with a top design team, organizations will succeed in driving traffic at the event.

Networking is a key element of trade show events. But this is only possible when using a powerful strategy to bring potential clients towards the trade show booth on the day. By following the preceding two tips, companies can maximize their event appeal and use the trade show as a key touch-point on their way to industry success.