March 6, 2013

With hundreds of companies all competing at one venue for the attention of trade show audiences, growing companies must ensure that their trade show displays are innovative, fresh and engaging. There are numerous ways to attract attention at an industry event, but to capture the imagination and to help make a connection with audiences, companies must be unique. With this article, we’ll focus on two cost-effective methods for improving audience response to trade show displays.

1)      Sponsored Event Entertainment

Companies can truly achieve a great return on their trade show investment by hosting sponsored entertainers alongside their trade show displays. Oftentimes, local area subject experts, local musicians and engaging motivational speakers attract the best attention for business events. By hosting such entertainment, companies provide additional value to audiences. This value will then be reciprocated with the both audience attention and positive feedback for the company during the post-event stage.

2)      Innovative Graphical Displays

The latest touch-screen technology might seem elaborate and complex for some. But companies can take full advantageof these systems by utilizing touch-screen displays at trade show events. Growing businesses can invite attendees to review the displays to see the benefits of their products, or simply play engaging video games while surrounded by company branding to ensure a strong promotional connection. Younger audiences especially appreciate the use of technology within trade show displays.

It’s important that companies conduct their research before attending trade show events. Conducting a quick social media survey could help to determine the type of displays that will most interest trade show audiences.