May 15, 2013

With the financial investment and the investment in terms of time that go into their first trade show event, small business owners are under pressure to get it right. Before attending the event, there are a number of unique factors to take into consideration. These might be well-known to those with years of experience in the event marketing field. But to new contenders in this competitive environment, understanding these areas can help set the foundation for long-term success, event-after-event. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two keys to success with trade show displays for the first-time exhibitor.

1)      Start with Small but with Room to Grow

Smaller companies will find that smaller trade show displays will enable them the ideal introduction to the business event environment. These smaller items, featuring low cost solutions such as banner stands, enable companies to promote their brand without over-spending on marketing materials. However, it’s important to consider future event requirements. So make sure that display architecture is built for scalability when in the architecture procurement phase.

2)      Keep Spaces Uncluttered

Simple is almost always effective in marketing. Any type of clutter within trade show spaces can detract from the company’s brand message. So make sure that trade show display areas are kept tidy and with only simple graphics used. This will also make it easier for event reps to stay on message when conducting lead generation at the trade show.

By understanding and adhering to established best practices for trade show success, companies can forge a sturdy foundation for lucrative long-term trade show ROI.  Keeping it simple at first is imperative. Then, going-forward, results will depend on the company’s continual commitment to their trade show campaign objectives.