Companies organizing a trade show event have many unique duties to attend to. They must ensure their personnel are prepared to promote the organization. They must also ensure that all pre-event marketing is on-point and scheduled to ensure optimal lead generation at the event. Perhaps the most important element involved in trade show preparation however is selecting architecture to act as part of the company’s display. Within this blog, we’ll focus on ways in which companies can choose from among the various banner stands available on the market today.

1)      Long Term Reliability

For newer organizations with many events to attend in the near future, reliability is a key factor. Therefore many are now choosing retractable banner stands for their event architecture. Retractable banner stands hold graphics within a roller mechanism that can be pulled up during the event and down for transit between each event location. This ensures that graphics remain in optimal condition so that companies can continue to present high value aesthetics to the event attendees.

2)      Flexibility

For those looking to promote several products during an event, cartridge banner stands are often the optimal product. These display solutions are fitted with removable cartridges that are easily taken out and integrated within the system during an event. This is a high value solution for those looking to highlight the value of their full company catalogue.

Banner stands can offer an affordable alternative to larger display products. But selecting the requisite equipment is imperative to making an impact. Review the options available on the market carefully before making a decision that will impact your company in the long-term.