September 30, 2013

Organizations across the globe must be committed to consolidating their marketing costs if they are to save resources for areas such as product development and customer service. However, marketing the company brand remains an instrumental element in the initial year of an organization’s existence. And so within this blog, we’ll focus on how companies attending trade show events can reduce their costs on display exhibits.

1) Save on Printing Costs

Printing costs are one of the largest expenditure areas for most trade show attendees. Companies still believe that hosting their trade show display requires exhibits to be filled with leaflets and company brochures. In our mobile-focused, online-everywhere society, this simply isn’t the case. Organizations can eliminate those costly paper purchases by utilizing tablet computers with video presentations at their exhibit. This has the added benefit of impressing customers with an innovative approach and ensures a lasting impression of the brand.

2) Bring Portable Wi-Fi Connections

One of the costs that many exhibitors don’t take into consideration is the price of connecting to the internet at the event. Many venues now charge for this privilege and the costs are getting higher. By bringing a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, companies can save hundreds of dollars and improve the scope and flexibility of their at-event presentations.

Understanding the areas that can be cut from a trade show is essential to ensuring ROI. The most successful companies are the ones that utilize creativity and eagle-eye budgeting to enhance the returns they achieve.