December 6, 2012

It takes an immense amount of resources to ensure a successful trade show event. Often times companies are not prepared for the time, cost and personnel requirements that are involved. In the weeks leading up to an industry event, it’s imperative to make sure that each element of the trade show is planned precisely, including the show displays that the company will be using to highlight their brand. Within this post, we’ll focus on two keys to planning for trade show displays.

1)      Make a List of Goals

To plan for success during an event, company leaders must narrow down their goals for the trade show. What does the company hope to achieve by promoting their brand at this event? Creating a list will ensure that all members of the event staff are on the same page in terms of their objectives. Whether the goal is to secure leads for the company or inform the public about a new service, this goal should be clearly articulated to every member of the event team.

2)      Build Social Media Hubs

In this day and age, consumers want direct contact with company reps. Therefore it’s important to set up social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn before an event to ensure that clients and potential clients have a number of avenues to connect with the organization both before and after the event. Growing companies must create a foundation based on open communication with their future customers and creating social media pages is a key element in that process.

Successful events take immense amounts of hard work and planning. Follow the preceding tips to put your organization on the right path before the next industry event takes place.