January 8, 2014

Investing in tradeshow exhibit booths is a costly venture for many small companies. But it’s an investment that can have lasting rewards. However, with so many other processes for business owners to manage on their organization’s road to industry prominence, they often don’t have a great deal of time to plan their trade show attendance. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two elements that will make the process easier for those creating a strategy for tradeshow exhibit booths.

1)      Review the Available Marketplace Styles

With access to the internet, small business owners have a full catalogue of trade show booths at their disposal. They must capitalize on this knowledge by reviewing the available products and discovering which booth elements work for their business and which are not well-suited. Oftentimes the best resources for such information are tradeshow industry blogs and blogs of those companies with long-standing histories of winning awards for their tradeshow designs. By finding that ideal booth style, owners can provide a foundation for moving forward in the planning process.

2)      Assign an Event Team

Owners must ensure that all members of their event staff are on the same page when it comes to what’s expected of them during the event. For example, one of the key challenges during the event will be setting up the display in time for the start of the day. Companies must work with their staff to ensure all members have an optimal understanding of their roles. Every element of the pre-show process must work like clockwork to ensure success.

Those that plan ahead for their tradeshow events will find that it’s far less stressful on both themselves and their staff during the tradeshow. Proactive companies can achieve the results they need for great returns.