February 27, 2013

Business leaders are continually looking to take the optimal approach to event marketing. This has led many to try numerous types of event architecture to see which style suits their company’s needs best. But what some are finding is that pop-up displays are one of the leading systems for the promotional requirements of the growing North American business. Within this post, we’ll review the two keys to capitalizing on the inherent advantages of pop-up displays.

1)      Limiting the Number of Company Representatives at Events

Companies can consolidate the cost of their event expenditure by limiting the number of employees at events to only those who have complete knowledge of the organization and its products and services. Pop-up displays help in this regard because they’re easy to set up and dismantle for one person. This means that companies don’t require entire teams to attend events to streamline event success.

2)      Effective Branding

Companies can only truly capitalize on the effect of pop-up displays on audiences by using highly effective graphic design. There is little point in spending a large portion of the company’s budget on display architecture without spending on design work as well. Companies that find the right combination of stunning visuals and well-constructed pop-up displays are positioned to succeed with their marketing campaigns well into the future.

Displays at trade show events don’t have to be innovative or expensive. But they do have to look professional and offer specific operational advantages. Choose to pop-up displays for future events and see the positive difference this low-cost, highly effective tool can have on campaign results.