June 27, 2013

The warmer weather has finally arrived and for businesses across Canada, this means the beginning of the summer trade show season. With all their event personnel trained and ready to generate leads for their company, and all event architecture in place, company leaders must now focus on unique ways to bring attendees to their event tents during the outdoor event. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two distinct ideas.

1) Unique Summer-Style Competitions

Competitions evoke a sense of interest in all of us. They allow us to show off our innate skills. Companies should host unique outdoor competitions at their event tents to build interest at the trade show. Events that could be easily and cost-effectively created include an outdoor dunk tank for which in-house rep volunteers or a ring toss-style event. Prizes for achievements must involve further interaction with the organization to fully capitalize on the use of such events.

2) Guest Speakers

Guest speakers can enliven any event. And the outdoor venue makes summer events the ideal time to use guest speakers to attract attention. When someone is speaking with a microphone, audiences are compelled to listen. This instinctive response can help drive interest in the organization and allow the company’s sales reps to mingle among the crowd for their lead-generation activities.

Outdoor events offer a fun, unique environment for promoting a business. Utilize the previously outlined ideas to enhance your company’s campaigns this summer. An exceptional ROI can easily be achieved.