March 4, 2014

A trade show presence is indicative of a company’s reputation within their marketplace. It tells attendees how the company wants to be perceived and the style the company promotes within their work. It’s for these reasons that the design of trade show booths is imperative within on-going promotional campaigns. And so companies must decide how they wish to be perceived by both their counterparts and the trade show attendees. Within this blog, we’ll highlight two keys to choosing the style of trade show booths.

1)      Size of Organization

The size of the company will determine the type of display design they utilize. For example, smaller companies need to make an imprecision in order to increase their brand awareness. This means that they must find methods of harnessing new technology within their displays. The integration of touch-screens for example, could help to intrigue event attendees and show that the company is forward-thinking in the way it advertises its product line.

2)      Campaign Objectives

The entire trade show event is designed as a vehicle to help companies achieve their marketing objectives. Firms must gear their trade show booths toward those objectives. For example, companies whose goal is to generate leads might harness banners and displays with call to actions that drive interest from qualified attendees. By aligning campaign objectives with the display booths, companies can maximize the return for their event investments.

The design of trade show booths will help customers identify with the brand. What message do you want to send to trade show attendees? Ensure your firm is on-point by working with a local trade show specialist in building unique, focused designs.