March 26, 2013

Outdoor events are often the ideal arena for companies to promote their new products and services during the heat of the summer. However, outdoor promotional events involve unique challenges that companies used to the confines of the tradeshow halls and exhibition venues might not have encountered. So within this blog, we’ll focus on the two outdoor display materials, tents, and flags, which organizations can utilize to drive successful brand growth during outdoor marketing events.

1) Choose a Company that Offers Both Outdoor and Indoor Materials

While it might seem counterintuitive to not choose outdoor design specialists for outdoor events, only companies that have experience offering indoor and outdoor materials can understand the unique advantage those materials hold for their application. This means that companies about to begin outdoor promotional campaigns must select tents and flags from organizations that have a large catalog that offers a precise solution to their outdoor event needs. Making this connection could ensure a prolonged relationship with the organization for all future events, both indoor and outdoor.

2) High Quality, Durable & Water-Resistant Materials Are Ideal

Companies will likely be involved in promoting their business products and services at many events across the country as they begin their marketing campaigns. Therefore tents and flags must be produced from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time and offer superior aesthetics for the long-term future. Business leaders must ask trade show displays specialists about the water-resistance levels of their materials. Polyester products constructed of 500 denier-level quality material or higher are the preferred quality standard for the growing organization.

Companies can make a lasting impact in the summer sun during their promotional campaigns. But only with high-quality materials can the requisite impression be made. Review the previous two tips and select a trade show displays manufacturer who understands the importance of value for outdoor display architecture.