December 13, 2012

Hosting a trade show booth should be an honour for any company employee. It represents having been chosen by the organization to highlight the most positive aspects of their brand in front of a large audience. But for companies, it’s important to select the right personnel for the job, as not every personality is cut out for this type of work. Within this blog, we’ll focus on two tips to help companies select staff members for their trade show booth.

1)      Attitude is Everything

In business, having the right attitude can make the difference between making a sale and coming home empty-handed. Experienced professionals understand this concept and thus, they select trade show booth hosts that have the most enthusiasm for their work. It’s important to select booth reps that won’t be disheartened by one negative response to their pitch. Reps that show event attendees that they care and have the ability to respond to their needs are the ideal employees for a company booth.

2)      Technical Understanding is Imperative

Booth reps should have an answer for every question. This means that those hosting event booths must be able to answer even the most complicated of enquiry from attendees. Companies that place their most experienced and most knowledge reps in this position will likely be rewarded with a better brand image post event.

Trade show booth reps will be the face that represents the company in front of hundreds of attendees. Follow the preceding tips to ensure that the personnel chosen are the right fit for the task.