July 3, 2013

Pop-up displays are one of the more common forms of trade show advertising. They provide an easy-to-use system that is widely recognized by audiences at trade show events. But one problem that many organizations encounter is that it can be difficult to ensure that pop-up displays are suitable for each event they attend. So within this blog, we’ll focus on how companies can maintain the long-term value of their pop-up displays.

1) Use Company-Specific, rather than Event-Specific Designs

Companies often fall into the trap of targeting only one specific type of audience with their pop-up displays. While this is a tried and tested formula for large firms, growing companies must utilize the same pop-up displays for event-after-event. And so the design must remain even neutral. Companies should try to use designs that focus purely on the benefits of their organization rather than any one specific product.

2) Research the Market for the Most Durable Solutions

When companies put little time into the research phase of their trade show architecture purchase process, they tend to buy solutions that offer little ROI. By spending just a few more days planning the purchase of pop-up display products, a firm can improve the return their company receives for their purchase significantly. The key is to create a budget and speak with a few industry experts to find the requisite product for the long term.

High values can be achieved with pop-up displays. But only by following proven purchasing strategies can long-term success be assured. Consider the previous tips to give your firm the best chance of success with its future marketing campaigns.