For companies that are at the inception of their promotional campaigns, attending tradeshow acts as the ideal mechanism for gaining quick access to industry contacts. But the one problem that many companies have when their representatives attend events is that they can only generate leads for the business if they’re given the best possible promotional equipment, that’s why in this post we’re going to look at three key tips for high value tradeshow booths.

Free Gifts Lead to Brand Recognition

When sending company representatives to trade shows across North America management staff can ensure that their staff are prepared for the event with highly appealing promotional items. At the event, passers-by will be scanning the various tradeshow booths quickly to see which booth offers the best incentive for a visit. By printing your company brand logo and contact details on items such as pens and calendars, you can ensure that clients will have a constant remind of your organization and its products.

Bring Stylish Business Cards

It simply makes sense for your company’s representatives to bring business cards to any location where they may be interacting with potential customers such as trade show booths. But the important element to note here is that these business cards must be unique. Ensure that the cards your employees are using have been professionally designed and use the company insignia in order to improve brand recognition post event.

As we’ve mentioned here, your brand is at stake when you attend trade show events. By planning well ahead and ensure your representatives are focused and in the right frame of mind to sell the company’s products, you can gain a great ROI from your organization’s trade show attendance.