The aesthetic design on a product’s packaging can often make all the difference as to whether a consumer purchases that product or not. There have been many studies that confirm consumers are driven to products with a higher quality appearance. It’s a natural phenomenon that takes in business arenas around the globe, and it’s an exceptional important factor at trade show events. The design of a trade show booth can make the difference between success and failure. So with that in mind, we’ll look at two key tips for stunning trade show booth designs.

1)      Size of Text is Important

In larger trade show environments where many different booths are competing for the attention of attendees, the size of text on display materials is an exceptionally important factor. In order to ensure that text can easily be read from a distance, companies must prepare by viewing their displays from different angles and distances before the event begins. This means that display materials must be ready at least a day before the event in order to ensure that all team members and materials are completely prepared for a great impact.

2)      Consider the Target Audience

Do you offer a product for professionals or for the younger crowd? The demographics of your target audience will be a large factor behind your booth designs. Professionals will be expecting a sleek, highly refined looking display area replete with lots of information on the company. Whereas younger people might be looking to experience something new, therefore making brighter colours and more imaginative booth display designs a priority. Make sure the marketing department plays a key role in designing trade show display to suit the company’s core client base.

Display design could be the factor on which the success of your company’s trade show event hinges. Consider all the angles before making a decision on display materials.