July 9, 2013

The summer promotional season is in full swing and businesses across Canada are now reviewing the tradeshow architecture market to find products that suit their unique branding requirements. Oftentimes, especially for newer business owners, investing in outdoor display material can be a confusing and costly process. And so within this, we’ll examine two of the key considerations business owners must review when selecting their outdoor tents for summer events.

1) How long is required for Set-Up?

This is an often overlooked consideration of the tradeshow architecture procurement process. Companies often consider cost and value but the time spent setting up the equipment is rarely reviewed. It’s imperative to spend as much time as possible at events speaking with event guests, so try to find equipment that is built for seamless construction and ease of set-up. Top manufacturers have built this consideration into their outdoor tents. So ensure that industry specialists are contacted in answering this important architecture question.

2) Equipment Durability

Outdoor events all have one variable in common – the weather. There’s no point spending the company budget on architecture that doesn’t offer top-class durability against wet and windy weather. Try to find equipment made from fade-resistant materials in order to ensure that company branding retains its aesthetic quality on the big day. Growing firms must consider the weather’s effect on their potential outdoor promotions before entering into the buying process.

Summer event promotions are an exciting way to build up brand credibility. But remember to take a measured approach to equipment purchasing. Understanding the difference between quality equipment and poorly produced products could help firms save thousands of dollars in their long-term branding campaigns.