For companies hoping to become leading trade show exhibitors and capture their target market’s attention at the next event, there are many specific display design options to take into consideration. There is not simply a method for bringing the public’s attention to your company, but by integrating several design techniques your business can flourish at the event. Within this blog post, we’ll look at two key methods for achieving success with a trade show display design.

1) Attendees Expect Interactivity

Interactivity is the buzzword for modern trade show events. With attendees now going to events with their cell phones in hand and their social networks constantly updated, they expect exhibitors to cater to their specific needs when it comes to interactive displays.

Exhibitors may wish to consider adding touchscreen functionality within their booth via an integrated computer display. Using this type of system, companies could present customers with incentives to input their information, making the display item a catalyst for high-powered lead generation than can pay large dividends after the event has been completed.

2) Combine Design with Specific Company Goals

Before attending trade shows companies must set specific targets and goals for the event. For example, one objective might be to get contact information for 100 people from the event for future lead-generation purposes. Or it might be to sell specific products. Whatever the organization’s goal, it’s important that its display design fits in with that target objective. For example, a sign might say “Sign our form for a chance to win” thus enticing visitors to put down their contact information.

By taking these specific design elements into consideration when planning your displays, you can ensure your business is the leader at the next industry event.